Utah SAR Red Cliffs of Zion Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution

Headquartered in St. George, Utah, the Red Cliffs of Zion Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution issues a call to eligible patriots from all counties of Southern Utah.

Our Purpose

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and teaching American history to future generations. These efforts focus on America’s great “Charters of Freedom”:

    • The Declaration of Independence
    • The United States Constitution
    • The Bill of Rights

These Charters of Freedom represent what Thomas Jefferson called “the creed of our political faith; the text of civic instruction.”

Help Us Ring the Bell of Freedom

Celebrate With Us

Independence Day

Constitution Week

The SAR frequently joins with like-minded organizations such as the Daughters of the American Revolution and Children of the American Revolution in community events such as plays, musicals, and other events to celebrate national holidays, including:

    • Washington’s Birthday
    • Shot Heard ‘Round the World
    • Independence Day
    • Constitution Week
    • Veterans Day

To kindle fires of patriotism we support worthy causes in schools, civic groups, and summer camps to celebrate our soldiers and first responders… those who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we enjoy.

Chapter President Jeff McKenna

Join With Us

Chapter President Jeff McKenna says, “By becoming a member of SAR, you can continue this legacy by actively promoting patriotism, preserving American History, and securing America’s future through better education for children. We are excited to help you begin your journey.”

Males 18 years of age or older are eligible to join, regardless of race, religion, or creed. They must descend from a soldier of the American Revolution or someone who supported the cause in such capacities as members of Continental Congress, etc. For specific information about how you might become a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, click How to Join on the Menu at the top of this page.

Serve With Us

You are welcome to serve with us even if you are not a direct descendant of a Revolutionary War Patriot. Consider becoming an Associate.

Opportunities galore await as we approach July 4th, 2026, when bells will ring, celebrating 250 years of Independence. We are intimately involved with activities in the local community, such as:

    • Volunteering in building Liberty Village near Hurricane, Utah
    • Lectures, plays, and concerts
    • Dinners and auctions
    • Color Guard duty
    • Wreaths across America
    • Retiring U.S. flags
    • Educating our youth

This society of patriotic and civic minded individuals provides a platform for you to honor your Patriot Ancestors through sacrifice and service today.


Sons of the American Revolution
Red Cliffs of Zion Chapter

Secretary: Jay Chapman

Cell: (209)815-6942
Email: jaychapman_41@msn.com

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