American Flag Flyer Recognition Certificate

You Can Recognize Those Who Display the American Flag!

Do you know of a church, or a company that prominently flies the American flag? Do you have family members or neighbors who patriotically display Old Glory?

Did you know that as a current dues paying member you can obtain an official Sons of the American Revolution Flag Recognition Certificate and present it to individuals, companies, and government agencies that fly the United States flag for patriotic purposes.

For more information use the contact form below to contact our Flag Chairman, Wade Alexander, and let him know of the patriotic American Flag Flyer you wish to recognize. The certificates are only $4.00 (as of 08/2017) and available to any member of good standing.

Let the American Flag flyers in your community know that their patriotic displaying of our nation’s flag is appreciated by awarding them the National SAR Flag Certificate!

If you would like more information about about obtaining a National SAR Flag Certificate, please contact Wade Alexander, Program Chairman,