National SAR – JROTC Recognition Program


The Utah Society Sons of the American Revolution (Utah SAR) invites all JROTC cadets who live in the State of Utah and have interest in the American Revolution to notify their JROTC leadership of their interest to participate in the National SAR Award Contest.

If there is an SAR chapter contest with more than one unit participating in the chapter’s area, the outstanding JROTC cadet of the SAR chapter may receive a bronze medallion on a neck ribbon and a ribbon bar with a gold frame and a bronze star to wear on the ribbon bar.

If only one unit enters the contest, that entry must go through the chapter for approval in order to advance to the State level contest. The outstanding JROTC cadet winning at the SAR state-level society may receive a silver medallion on a neck ribbon, a gold frame for the ribbon bar and a silver star for the ribbon bar.

The winner of each state-level society competition will be entered into the National JROTC Recognition program. The outstanding JROTC cadet winning first place at the national level will receive a gold medallion on a neck ribbon, a gold frame for the ribbon bar, and a gold star to wear on the ribbon bar. The winning cadet at the national society level will receive his or her award at our annual SAR Congress. The award will be the National JROTC Medallion and an award of $5,000. The 2nd Place award is $2,000 and the 3rd Place award is $1,000. Two new award levels for 4th and 5th Place introduced for 2018-2019 are now at $500 each.



  1. Selection criteria are primarily left up to the Senior Military Instructor and should include merit in patriotism, leadership, military bearing, scholarship, and general excellence. The Senior Military Instructor may have full latitude in making the selection of JROTC cadet applicants.
  2. The application, with all required attachments should be completed by the Senior Military Instructor and forwarded to the Utah SAR JROTC contest contact for the nominated cadet applicant.
  3. For the state-level society contest, each JROTC cadet must submit an original essay on the topic “How ROTC has prepared me to be a better citizen of the United States.” The essay may be composed on a computer, typewriter, or by hand in black ink. The applicant’s essay will also be used in the national-level contest (If there is a chapter contest, SAR chapters may also require copies of the applicant’s essay). Applicants may use additional pages as required to reply to the following prompts found on the application, with the applicant’s name listed at the top of those pages. Click this link for the JROTC Application:
  4. Utah SAR members, including a representative from the Utah SAR Board of Managers will serve as judges at the chapter and state levels.

    2016 JROTC State Winner Cadet Miner with parents

Utah SAR JROTC Contest Contact:
Major Kit K. Workman
(801) 402-8200