Liberty Trek

Remembering Liberty Trek 

2014, 2015 and 2017, over 4,000 youth, leaders, volunteers, performers, and support people participated. Our thanks to everyone who made four Liberty Treks possible. We invite you to remember this extraordinary patriotic program by referring to the information below:  

Click this to view the Liberty Trek Program Presentation. Pictures with narration describe the Liberty Trek experience. Keep in mind for 2017 the entire program is only $15.

What is Liberty Trek?

Liberty Trek is a Friday night, partial day Saturday program for those who want to learn about our great American Heritage of liberty–what liberty is and why liberty matters, and what is necessary to maintain and preserve liberty. Those who attend can discover the significance of liberty and freedom when they visit a Continental Army encampment, meet Revolutionary War soldiers, see and hear the roar of a cannon, view original patriotic themed paintings, hear from outstanding speakers, enjoy many interactive activities, celebrate our nation’s heritage with music, and participate in the Saturday Liberty Trek, a program consisting of five events reenacted by several prominent Founding Fathers and Mothers including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and their wives. For Scouts you can earn partial requirements for five merit badges! Liberty Trek began in 2014 and has had over 4,000 people attend.

Liberty Trek is a program provided by patriotic organizations such as the Constitution Day Committee of Utah, the Utah Society Sons of the American Revolution and key donors and sponsors. All are united in their love for liberty and America’s founding heritage. Working together, a tremendous program is provided to inspire and build upon the virtue of Revolutionary War patriots and the principles of liberty and freedom. This extraordinary program is designed especially for youth who will be the future guardians of the liberties of our country.

To learn about past Liberty Treks, watch the Liberty Trek Video below. 

2015 Liberty Trek 2 minute promo video:

Liberty Trek – Questions or Comments

If you would care to provide us with a comment or have a question for us in regards to Liberty Trek, please email  Douglas R. McGregor.