How Much Does It Cost To Be In the Color Guard?

This is the number one concern of those who think about becoming a color guardsman. Looking at the uniform and flintlock musket many times the thinking is “I can’t afford to get involved”.

Dismiss those thoughts because you can! Currently the state level SAR color guard has a uniform rental program. For a nominal annual fee a person can rent a uniform. The money you spend to rent the uniform is used to pay for repairs, alterations, and the purchase of new materials for making additional uniforms.

For those interested in eventually having their own uniform the rental program allows you to gradually purchase your uniform items a piece at a time. Clothing items you own are not part of the annual rental fee. Many color guardsmen begin by buying their own buckle shoes, socks, and shirt. Over time they purchase their breeches, waistcoat, and eventually their regulars regimental coat, tri-corner hat and accouterments.

The uniform rental program is available to Utah SAR Members and Associates, who are not affiliated with a chapter color guard. Chapter color guards operate independent of the State Society Color Guard. To learn more about the Utah SAR color guard uniform rental program contact the Utah SAR Color Guard Commander.

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