Becoming a Member of the SAR

As you may already be aware, membership in the Sons of the American Revolution requires descent from the paternal or maternal line of an ancestor who participated in the War for American Independence. Therefore, you’ll need to document and prove your direct descent. This proof can take many forms: a previously approved SAR or DAR membership application from a member of your family, birth and death certificates, published obituaries or other document sources.

The SAR does not restrict membership on basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, nation of citizenship or residency, or sexual orientation. To establish eligibility you must be able to confirm that you are a direct ancestral line descendant of a Patriot by providing appropriate SAR acceptable documentation. Legitimacy through marriage of an ancestor is not a factor as long as appropriate proof of descendancy is provided to confirm the applicant’s direct descent from their Revolutionary War Patriot. Plural marriage families are not excluded from SAR membership. Proving bloodline descent, whether legitimate or illegitimate, from a patriot ancestor to yourself is what is required for SAR membership and is what must be documented. Additionally, you must be sponsored by two current SAR members; your local SAR chapter can likely assist you in fulfilling this requirement.

The links below will direct you to information regarding the membership requirements in detail and provides guidelines for completing the application papers. You should also find on this site a computerized application and instructions for its completion. These instructions should be self explanatory, but please feel free to contact our Genealogist (information below) at any time if you have any questions or need any points clarified.

Resources to Check

Once the State Genealogist has your application and supporting documentation he will review it and prepare a printed copy for your signature. Your packet will then be forwarded to our National Headquarters for approval.



Each application for membership needs the following combination of supporting documents.

Complete Birth Certificate Birth Record
Delayed Birth Certificate Newspaper Announcement
Doctor/Midwife Record School Record
Church Record Baptism Certificate
HMO Record Job Application (Federal/Local
Social Security Application  
Complete Marriage Certificate Church Marriage Certificate
Marriage Bond/BANNS Newspaper Announcement
Complete Death Certificate Church Record/Notice
Cemetery/Tombstone Record Obituary
Sexton’s Cemetery Record Mourning/Funeral Notice
Funeral Home Record Social Security Death Record
Probate Record Insurance Policy
Fraternal Organization Records Professional Organizations Records
Classic Contemporary Sources
Census – State or Federal Family Histories
County or State Histories Land Records
Military and Pension Records Church Registers and Records
Bible and Family Records Tax Records
Employment Records Institutional – Military Homes
Institutional – Jails/Prisons Passports and Visa Applications
Court – Legal Documents Letters from Town Clerks/Histories
Mortgage or Loan Applications Telegrams



Thank you for your consideration of our invitation. If we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact :

Paul Nichols – E-Mail: Email to Paul Nichols

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cordially Yours,

The Utah SAR Board of Managers