Why Join the SAR?

Why Should You Join the SAR?

Love of Country, an appreciation for liberty and freedom, a desire to develop a deeper understanding of the significance of America’s Founding. A yearning to help our fellow citizens obtain a deeper knowledge and value of what liberty is and why liberty is worth preserving and defending.

We are an organization of people who hold high ideals for true patriotism. Consider the following:

  • What can compare to the thrill of hearing a young child at a parade say, “There goes the Revolutionary War Patriots who gave us freedom” when he or she sees the Utah SAR Color Guard marching by with their Revolutionary War flags flying.
  • How do you measure the value of sharing the true stories of the fight for Independence with school children, bringing to life Paul Revere, George Washington, or other patriots.
  • Participating in an Eagle Scout award ceremony and giving the Scout a Sons of the American Revolution award recognition. Or inspiring parents and cadets by presenting a Sons of the American Revolution JROTC or ROTC award.
  • Finding and giving praise to people in the community for civic contributions for which they have never received public acknowledgement.
  • Bringing one’s family to the George Washington Birthday Commemoration Banquet or Constitution Day Banquet to be uplifted, inspired and impressed with America’s greatness and remembering the importance of liberty and freedom.

You can help defend the dream of our patriot ancestors by joining and participating in our programs to sustain the system self-government and constitutional republicanism that they purchased with blood and toil. Many sacrificing everything, even their lives for the attainment of our freedom.

Costs and Benefits

The initial joining fee is actually a small price to pay to cover the cost of genealogical verification of your application, processing and archival costs. The one time membership application fee opens the door to a distinction and several benefits that more than satisfy the value you would want to have for the cost of joining.

Application Fees: See SAR Application Fees and Annual Dues page

Benefits of Joining:

  • National: Application review, registration and archival storage of lineage and documentation; a handsome membership certificate suitable for framing.
  • State: Membership insignia (rosette); May nominate fellow citizens for patriotic recognition. Affiliate with individuals who love their country and value liberty. Authorization to purchase from the member merchandise store.

Annual Benefits (typical):

  • National SAR: Quarterly issues of The SAR Magazine; access to SARtalk (on-line discussion group); opportunities to participate in District Meeting, Trustee meetings, and the Annual Congress.
  • Utah SAR: The semi-annual Utah Patriot society newsletter. Invitations to special patriotic banquets and events.
  • Chapter: Newsletters, opportunities to participate in chapter activities.

Members are encouraged to participate in a number of activities:

  • Join the Utah SAR color guard and proclaim liberty!
  • Recommend deserving people for awards, help present the awards.
  • Recognize Eagle Scouts, JROTC or ROTC cadets.
  • Write for the Utah Patriot newsletter.
  • Help with an activity or join a committee and give service to a worthy cause.
  • Become an officer and give leadership to our noble objectives and aims.
  • Take an interest in National SAR and serve at the National level.
  • Volunteer to talk or give a program at a local school or civic organization.
  • Support historical research, get it published or on the Web.
  • Place an SAR decal or license plate frame on your vehicle.
  • Fly the flag of our nation correctly and often at your home.

Frequently, National SAR offers international travel opportunities. In 2003 and again in 2008, the SAR conducted Congresses in Paris, France, in conjunction with the 225 anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Paris. In 2008, there was a 12 day tour of Scotland to trace the steps of John Paul Jones, and to visit George Washington’s ancestral home in England. Other SAR sponsored tours in the recent past included Germany, England, and Spain.