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Members of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) are direct descendants of those patriots that achieved the independence of the American people. We remember and honor our patriot ancestors sacrifice and devotion to the cause of liberty.

The objectives of our organization are intended to perpetuate a more profound understanding and appreciation for our founding heritage, the principles of liberty, freedom and self-government as established by our Founding Fathers.

Whether or not you have a Patriot Ancestor, we invite you to explore our website, to learn more about us, who we are, what we do, and how to become a Member or Associate.


In 2026 Americans will celebrate
The 250th anniversary of The Declaration of Independence,
the year America became an independent nation!
In 2023 we will consider a significant event
of 1773 leading up to July 4, 1776.

The Road to Independence
250 years ago – 1773

1773 was a significant year for events leading up to the American Revolution. One event, however, was so enormous it made all other happenings during 1773 seem meniscal. The event’s name we remember that history recorded for American’s to never forget is the Boston Tea Party!

A work of art by Nathaniel Currier entitled “Tea Sabotage in Boston Port”, 1846. The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor, lithograph depicting the 1773 Boston Tea Party.

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Boston_Tea_Party_Currier_colored.jpg

“The Sons of the American Revolution honors our Revolutionary War patriot ancestors by promoting patriotism, serving our communities, and educating and inspiring future generations about the founding principles of our country.”