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Have you seen the Utah SAR Color Guard in action? In a parade, or at the Utah Capitol building, giving a performance at a school, civic, or sporting event. Perhaps it was at one of the Utah SAR’s annual banquets or an Eagle Court of Honor presenting a certificate of recognition. Many of our fellow citizens have told us that seeing the men and boys in the iconic uniform of the Revolutionary War is inspiring and stirs the heart to thoughts of liberty, freedom and independence; feelings of gratitude, patriotism, and love for country. Have you considered being a member of the Utah SAR Color Guard? Learn more about it here. Just click the links:

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Utah SAR Color Guard Services

The Utah Society is one of 39 states to have a Color Guard. The Utah Society Color Guard wear the blue with red facing Continental Army regulars uniform or the white hunting frock. The Color Guard provides flag ceremonies, participates in community parades, provides patriotic programs and historical demonstrations. The members of the Color Guard are dedicated to inspiring our fellow citizens in the remembrance of America’s great founding heritage. Our objective is to promote the principles of liberty and freedom that our Founding Fathers devoted their lives to establish. We are non-partisan and do not accept invitations to perform from political parties. We welcome invitations from schools, churches, civic groups (state, county, and local), Scout organizations, patriotic organizations, youth organizations and those who share in the desire to uphold and advance the glorious heritage of the  American Revolution.

If you or your organization are interested in the services of the color guard please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Links to Utah SAR Color Guard event videos and photos:

Color Guard Visits the Utah Senate February 23, 2016 (video)

The Utah SAR Color Guard in Action

The following is taken from the National SAR Color Guard Handbook (7/23/2013).

History of the Color Guard

The Color Guard of the 21st century is primarily ceremonial in terms of purpose and duty. However, the origins of the Color Guard are based in military practicality. The following is a concise history of the origin of the Color Guard.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, flags were commonly referred to as “the Colors.” These colors were of primary importance to the military regiment or brigade as the line of battle was formed around the colors of the unit which were placed at the center of the line. These colors were easily seen through the smoke of battle. If the colors advanced, the line would advance. If the colors retired, the line would retire. As battles would progress and casualties mounted, the line would contract to the colors. In effect, the colors would serve as a rallying point if the line was broken or the men became dispersed. Thus, success in battle was often dependent on the handling of the colors.

The importance of the colors was so significant that a ceremony was performed before battle called “The Trooping of the Colors.” The men of the regiment or brigade were assembled on the parade ground in camp and the colors were paraded before them. This way, each man would see and thus be certain of his colors before taking the field of battle.

Likewise, while there could be many diverse objectives in a battle, one of the most important was capturing of the colors of the enemy unit. This would deprive the enemy of their primary means of control and rallying point during the battle. To prevent this, regiments and brigades would select the most valiant men to protect the colors and color bearer. These men comprised the “Color’s Guard,” a posting of great honor and source of pride. As in years past, this posting continues to be a position of honor.

Color Guard - I Want You!

We need you and want you to join the color guard! Join the Color Guard and inspire others to remember and cherish their heritage of LIBERTY and FREEDOM!

Request for Information/Service of the Utah Society Color Guard contact Jesse Black, Color Guard Commander,

The SAR Colorguardsman Magazine is an e-magazine. The publication is scheduled to be published quarterly and will be distributed via email and also available on this link.

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