Message from the New Utah Society SAR President – Trenton G. Grandy

Greetings Fellow Compatriots, Associates and Friends,

Utah SAR President Trent Grandy

Utah SAR President Trent Grandy

Well, as we come again to the end of another year, I’ve grown a bit nostalgic. The cold weather came on so sudden this year and it has me reminiscing. It reminded me again of our poor compatriots who had to suffer through the harsh winter at Valley Forge. It has me wondering how different our lives might be today without the strength and determination of those brave individuals. They sure were a hardy and determined bunch to endure such hardship. We have our own challenges today, but just on a different level. While much of their strife took place mainly on the battlefield against an obviously uniformed opponent, often our opponents are not so clearly defined. This creates unique types of challenges for us. But just like our ancestors we need to find the grit and determination to overcome and win our own battles. One of these is accomplished with your membership in this organization. We are constantly striving to educate our citizens on the proper history of this country and its patriots. While they were by no means perfect individuals, what they were fighting for was. That of individual freedoms!

As you can see from the articles in this newsletter, we have been busy again this latter half of the year. We see time and again the affect we are having on the public with our presence, and it is your membership that is helping to accomplish this ominous task. Your ancestors would be proud of your participation in keeping alive the fight that they started. So, I humbly request that you continue the cause of your patriot ancestors by renewing your membership. With your help, we can continue to dispel the ignorance of those who are uninformed. Sadly, the true reason for the creation of this nation has been all but lost for far too many. Many individuals have allowed themselves to get lost in the weeds of the individual imperfections of those who helped create this wonderful country. With your help, we can continue to educate and inform to remove this ignorance.

We have some exciting ideas for the coming year. One of the things that we have been recently involved in is the creation of the state committee organizing to celebrate the upcoming 250th Anniversary of the U.S. Revolution. It is going to be an exciting time, with many activities and revelry. In the southern part of the state we also have the work moving forward on the creation of the Liberty Village led by United We Pledge, much of which will coincide with the 250th celebration. I’m sure that they are going to need plenty of help with both projects. Additionally, we will again have our usual events that we participate in throughout the year of which many of you are already aware. So once again a personal appeal that should you find it possible, feel free to become a modern-day Minuteman, and join in the cause of liberty. You definitely don’t want to miss out on being a part of any of these activities!

Now finally, I wish again to thank you all for your continued participation, support, and membership in this wonderful brotherhood organization. I feel your comradery whenever we are together. Know that I continue to be committed to working hard with the wonderful members of our board, in your behalf, to spread the work of liberty in this state. Have a wonderful holiday season and where ever possible remember to lookout for your families and those in need! As always may the Lord bless and keep you and our nation!

Yours in Liberty,

Trent Grandy
President, Utah SAR