Message from the New Utah Society SAR President – Trenton G. Grandy

Greetings Fellow Compatriots, Associates and Friends,

Well, here we are again at the brink of another summer. What a fickle spring we have had with the temps being up and down, and the lack of moisture still an issue here in our state. I hope that this message finds you at least being able to keep a mental and physical even temperament. Just keep in mind that everyday above the grass is a good day!

Utah SAR President Trenton G. Grandy

So it’s time for a recap to the events that we have had since our last newsletter. It’s been nice to finally be back in full swing since the great lockdown of 2020-2021. Starting with the end of the year on December 2021, the color guard participated in the Wreaths Across America program at the Utah Veterans Memorial Park at Camp Williams. This event consists of speaking the name of one of the great veteran heroes who is buried there, saluting and laying a wreath. It is a very memorable event. I would highly encourage those who have not been there, to make a trip if possible. All branches of our auspicious military are represented.

In January, I was privileged to go to St. George, and assist our wonderful compatriots there in forming the Red Cliffs of Zion chapter of the Utah Society SAR. What a terrific group of dedicated men! We are lucky to have them among us. This leads me to February in which we had their Chapter President Jeff McKenna come and present at our George Washington banquet. He regaled us with tales of one of our little know unsung heroes of the revolution, Dr. Joseph Warren. As was mentioned in my last President’s Message, Jeff has written a book entitled, “Saving Dr. Warren…A True Patriot”, which tells of the amazing sacrifices of that great man. It’s an easy read that was written mostly to help inspire patriotism in the youth of today, as well as give background to a patriot who has been all but lost to history.

May was a busy time, starting with our Annual SAR Awards and Organizing banquet. We had a special guest appearance from Ron Fox who is the Commission Chair of the Utah governors committee for the upcoming 250th anniversary of the American Revolution, who brought some of his own exact replica framed documents from the revolution to display. Our scheduled quest speaker at the banquet was none other than our own Utah artist Eric Dowdle of the wonderful geographical and historical puzzles fame. He is an amazing and engaging entertainer. We also made our usual Memorial Day appearance at “This Is the Place Park”, which always is a good time. Additionally, I was privileged to present awards at several of the JROTC graduations this year. Those youth are definitely inspiring to see! And we have more coming as we move into the Independence Day weekend!

As you can see, our organization stays busy through the year keeping the memory of the American Revolution alive and in the public eye, in order to help our youth and our citizens to remember where this amazing “experiment in government” and freedom comes from. As always we thoroughly enjoy the comradery we have in sharing in some of the wonderful events of this great organization. As such, we can always use more help, be it with the color guard, display booths, as a part of the board, a member of one of our committees, or organizing and maintaining a chapter! It seems that there is always something going on somewhere in which we could use your assistance as modern day Minute Men!

Now finally, at our Annual Awards and Organizing banquet, we had a few changes to the Utah Board of Trustees. We are sad to lose our trusted Secretary/Treasurer Larry Florence, and our Recording Secretary Gary England. They have served faithfully for many years, and we wish them well in their future endeavors! Thanks again to all of you for your continued membership and support in this great society. Know that I continue to be committed to working hard with the wonderful members of our board, in your behalf, to spread the work of liberty in this state. As always may the Lord bless and keep you and our nation!

Yours in Liberty,

Trent Grandy
President, Utah SAR