Message from the New Utah Society SAR President – Trenton G. Grandy

Greetings Fellow Compatriots and Associates,

Well, we made it through another crazy summer. What with the heat and the drought and the continued precautions with the pandemic, it has been another one for the record books. It seems that by now the unusual has become the usual. I am however looking forward to the holidays. It’s always a great time of year to reconnect with fam

Utah SAR President Trenton G. Grandy

ily and loved ones.

As a recap to the year, we have had some very significant things happen as well. For the most part we were able to participate in some of the events that we missed out on last year. The annual UT SAR Membership Meeting & Awards banquet, the Memorial Day event at “This Is The Place Park”, Utah State Capital steps Declaration of Independence ceremony on Independence Day, Freedoms Light Celebration on Constitution Day weekend, as well as Americanism Youth Camp attendance in Lehi, Mountain Green, and Midway. Additionally, the UT SAR color guard also assisted with flag ceremonies and other duties at several other important events, including the Veterans Day Parade in Layton. If you were able to attend some of these events with us, we are indeed grateful to have had you along. If you missed out on any of them, we would like to invite you to participate with us in celebrating them again in the coming year. We thoroughly enjoy the comradery we have had in sharing in some of the wonderful events of this great organization.

One of the exciting outlooks for the coming year is the Washington Birthday celebration banquet, which is scheduled for February 19th. We will have one of our own, Jeffery McKenna, giving a presentation of a book he has written about Dr. Warren, one of the little-known patriots of the Revolutionary War. He will also have the book available at the event at a discounted price for your convenience. It will definitely be a must attend opportunity.

We have one more exciting bit of news out of the St. George area. Some of our amazing compatriots have taken the initiative to organize a new chapter there. They are working hard to charter this chapter and could use your support if you live in the vicinity. We wish them all the best in this exciting project!

Now at this time of year we hope that you will consider renewing your dues. It is through your patronage that we can continue the fight against the awful tearing down of our country’s heritage. One of our main goals is to remind people of what a wonder and blessing the founding of our country is, and the unalienable rights it affords to all of us. It is by way of the above-mentioned activities that we can help keep a reminder of these things for ourselves and in the public eye. We truly do appreciate your help in this. Also, we have the opportunity currently to help assist with aiding our brave veterans through your assistance in the Wreaths Across America drive. Any additional donation you can make will assist our veterans in this endeavor and will be greatly appreciated. For more information you can contact our Past President Bill Simpson.

In closing, I wish to send you the gratitude and best wishes from our Board of Managers. Thanks to all of you again for your continued membership in this great society. I am looking forward to continuing to work on your behalf with the wonderful members of our board and meeting with you wherever possible. As always may the Lord bless and keep you and our nation!

Yours in Liberty,

Trent Grandy
President, Utah SAR