December 2020 Message from the President

Utah SAR Compatriots and Associates,

In the last issue of our newsletter I ended the first paragraph of my message with this question, “How long will our lives be impacted by something we can’t see without the aid of a powerful microscope?” As we approach the holidays and the end of 2020, I don’t think I can really answer this question. I had originally imagined that this pandemic would be over within six months. But there’s still a big question mark as to when we can truly return to our normal lives. I hope you and your family have managed to find ways to stay connected while staying safe and healthy.

It’s been disappointing that the Utah Society has not been able to be engaged in the normal activities as we have in the past. The safety of our membership is our primary focus as we attempt to schedule and plan for future events. Currently, we are looking towards our annual February celebration of George Washington’s birthday as a possibility for our next activity. We will keep you informed via email and our website about future events.

We are currently nearing the end of our 2021 membership renewal campaign. Thanks to all of you who have renewed your membership with the Sons of the American Revolution, and for those who have reactivated your membership.

One of our articles in this issue of the newsletter is about the 131st Congress that is planned for Renton, WA, July 7-15, 2021. This is such a wonderful opportunity for society members to attend and experience this annual event. Travel costs are nominal because the location is within driving distance. Renton is located on the south end of Lake Washington and is a convenient location to see many well-known sites in the Seattle area. There are a couple tours planned for Saturday that, in the past, I have found very enjoyable. And there are several formal evening banquets that are quite enjoyable and very colorful, with the National Color Guard present. I do hope to see many of you there!

Something new that we added to our society’s public face is a Facebook group called

The Utah Society – SAR Facebook Group

( An invitation to join the group was sent out to our membership on October 29th, and it was surprising to see how quickly some members became connected to our group. Now I’m not really as adept at social media as my children and many of the younger members of our society; however I do believe this was a good decision to add this to our public presence because it provides group members an opportunity to become involved through posting items they feel are appropriate for our group. It’s still in its initial stages, but I encourage those who haven’t yet joined the group to think about joining. Those who have, perhaps one way you could begin participating is by sharing what you know about your patriot ancestor. Biographies you might share can also be sent to be added to the Patriot Record System for your patriot’s biography section of his record (send biographies to

On behalf of your Board of Managers, I wish you a very pleasant and safe holiday season. May 2021 be more like the kind of normal we are used to enjoying!

Yours in Liberty,

Bill Simpson
President, Utah Society
Sons of the American Revolution