Message from the New Utah Society SAR President – Trenton G. Grandy

Greetings Fellow Compatriots, Associates and Friends,

Utah SAR President Trent Grandy

Utah SAR President Trent Grandy

As I write this from my computer on the second floor of our home on this Independence Day, I can hear and see the fireworks in our local parks and also from our neighbors up and down our street. They are spectacular sights and sounds that demonstrate that there is still patriotism in this great country! This is always a wondrous time, when we celebrate the amazing freedoms and independence that our forefathers fought so long and hard for, and that our courageous brothers and sisters in the modern military continue to preserve to this day! Each July 4th many communities in Utah provide parades, fun events in parks, or firework shows. Those who choose to participate are supporting activities that one Founding Father envisioned. On page 4 of this newsletter is a quote from John Adams, written to his wife Abigail about the significance of what the Founding Fathers had just accomplished. His words are wonderful as he tells her what he believes future Americans should be doing to commemorate the birthday of the newly formed United States of America. As Sons of the American Revolution, we have the opportunity of helping each other to inspire patriotism not only in July, but throughout the year.

As I reflect back on the last few months, it has been an inspiring time for your president. Two of the things that I was called upon to do were to act on your behalf in bringing greetings to two of our affiliate organizations. The first was on April 28th, with the Utah Society Daughters of the American Revolution at their annual banquet. What a wonderful group of women they are! Their speaker was Jay Buckley, who showcased the four national trails that impacted Utah’s history. It has encouraged me to get outdoors and enjoy some of these trails. Secondly, on June 16-17 were activities with the Rocky Mountain Regional and Western Regional combined annual meetings of the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution. What a joy these young people are! They are full of the spirit of youth and the founding of our country. It is a privilege to mingle and associate with these two groups, and I hope to continue the comradery that is being forged between us.
Other activities of note were, of course our own Annual Membership, Election of Officers, Awards and Recognition meeting and accompanying banquet on May 13th. I’m sure that you will find more information about these meetings within the pages of this newsletter but, suffice it to say, that it was very informative. Our speaker was the Honorable District Court Judge for the State of Utah, Ted Stewart. Judge Stewart favored us with excerpts from his latest book entitled A World Without America: What Would Your Life Be Like If The American Revolution Had Failed?. Believe me, it is a deep dive into a very thought-provoking topic.

Additionally, as a part of the Color Guard, we have had many of our usual appearances, which have been very heartwarming. One that is always most poignant is the US Naturalization ceremony, for which we have done the flag ceremony the past several years. Watching these grateful individuals who have passed a national civics test, then pledge their loyalty to the United States of America and receive their citizenship in this country is always so wonderful. To hear their stories and the gratitude that they have for being made US citizens is very stirring! It makes you appreciate, and not take for granted, that which we already possess! I wish that more people could have the chance to experience this. Especially among our youth!

We are also involved in the upcoming state celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Founding of the Country! We would love to hear your thoughts or ideas in order to assist those on the committee to make it memorable. These are but a few of the activities and benefits of being a part of this great organization, and I exhort you to take full advantage of your membership by getting as involved as you feel that you can. Whether it is with the state society, or the Red Cliffs of Zion chapter, or aiding in the reestablishing of our former chapters, we can always use a helping hand. As I have expressed before, we need to keep the momentum going for the next 250 years! My first grandson is about to celebrate his first birthday, and it’s really about him and others like him. It’s my wish that we hand down as strong a nation as we received to these future generations.
As always, may the Lord bless and keep you and our nation!

Yours in Liberty,

Trent Grandy
President, Utah SAR