Message from the New Utah Society SAR President – Trenton G. Grandy

Utah SAR President Trenton G. Grandy

Greetings Fellow Compatriots and Associates,

Well first, please allow me to introduce myself as your newly elected Society President. I was born in American Fork, Utah. Shortly thereafter my family moved to Idaho, where I was reared on a small ranch in the Teton Valley area. Soon after my wife and I were married, we moved to Utah to complete our educations. I graduated from Weber State with a criminal justice degree and took a job as a guard at the Utah State Prison. I then went on to be a crime scene specialist for Salt Lake City Police Dept., and finally as a Forensic Scientist at the Utah State Crime Lab. I recently retired from there with a total of 29 years of public service to the state of Utah.

While growing up in Teton Valley, we lived near my maternal grandfather, who was a very proud patriot of our country. This patriotism carried over to my brother Regan and me in our formative years. So much so that only a few years ago he and I, along with our mother, took a trip back east to find the origins of our ancestors who came from the New England area. During this trip, not only did we see many wonderful sites where our maternal ancestors came from, but we also got to see many of the sites from our country’s revolutionary history. We also met some of our family members whose ancestors had remained in the east, while our part of the family immigrated west. In talking with them we learned that they were part of a “revolutionary son’s society”, and we desired to join as well. Thus we were able to make the connection to this wonderful society.

It has been an amazing ride so far and we have had the privilege of participating in some wonderful events and engaging with some great compatriots and friends. I would particularly wish to thank our Immediate Past-President Bill Simpson, and all those with whom I’ve been privileged to serve during the past few years, for their dedication to the cause. We have some amazing individuals in our midst, and I would like to encourage those of you who can see your way clear, to get involved. We have need of many helping hands in our society, and we would love to have you be a part of it.

One additional thing that I wish to mention is the upcoming National Congress. It is being held in Washington state this year, and this will be my first time attending. I am so excited, and wish to invite any who can, to attend with me. Usually they are held back east, but this is a chance to go to one a little closer to home. It should be a great time!

Now, for some final thoughts. I am currently very concerned for our nation. In the past few years, our country has seen much turmoil. Removing statues of historical figures, attempting to rewrite historical facts to fit agendas, the denigration of law enforcement, burning and looting. I don’t need to recount all the upset that has happened in our country over the last while, but suffice it to say that our nation has been under attack. Obviously our nation is not perfect, but it was our Founding Fathers that had the novel idea to return to us our freedoms, so that we could grow as a nation, and build on what they had started. In particular my concern is for our youth, who are receiving a slanted view of our nation and its origins. I believe one of our main goals should be to remind the public, particularly the youth, of our past and its significance as it pertains to our freedoms. It’s troubling to me that those freedoms of which our ancestors fought so hard to secure, are being eroded away, and if allowed to, will be erased forever. We must do all we can, to see that this does not happen! I am committed to reversing this trend to the best of my ability, and hope that I can rely on your help as well.

In closing, I thank you all for your involvement in such a noble organization. I hope you will be patient with me as I attempt to fill the large shoes that have gone before me. I am looking forward to continuing to work with the wonderful members of our board, and getting to know those of you that I currently haven’t had the pleasure of meeting. Until then, may the Lord bless and keep you and our nation!

Yours in Liberty,

Trent Grandy
President, Utah SAR