Utah Society SAR Officers & Committees

The following are currently serving as officers in the Utah Society SAR.

President: Trenton C. Grandy

1st Vice President: Douglas R. McGregor

2nd Vice President: 

Secretary:  Larry D. Florence

Recording Secretary: Gary A. England

Treasurer: Larry D. Florence

Registrar: Paul Nichols

Genealogist: Paul Nichols

Historian: Regan G. Grandy

Chaplain:  Wade Alexander

 National Trustee: Dr. Paul L. Child, Sr.

 Alternate National Trustee: William PC Simpson

Board of Managers as of May 23, 2021

Committee Chairpersons

Color Guard Coordinator: Jesse Black

Scouting / 4-H Club : Douglas R. McGregor

Trapper Trails Eagle Scout Essay Contest: Dr. Paul L. Child, Sr.

Newsletter / Website: William P.C. (Bill) Simpson