January 2017 Message from the President

Utah SAR Compatriots and Associates,

I received on Sunday, January 1st a message from Bill Colbert a Compatriot of the Col. William Few Chapter, Georgia Society SAR. I was deeply moved by Compatriot Colbert’s words and thought I would share with you a few excerpts from his New Year’s message:

“In the comfort of my office space, I am awed by the sacrifice of our patriot ancestors!!

Those who fought, those who were captured, wounded and died that we might one day enjoy freedom from tyranny are precious memories of a time when sacrifice was truly costly and the reward unsure. These were not perfect people, but they exhibited a kind of strength and character that would in time mold a great nation.

Today, as we look to the future ourselves, we are again reminded of “greatness” and how fragile it is. America’s greatness will not be found in its might, its wealth or its influence over world events. Now, as then, America’s greatness will be found, established and maintained in its soul and in its character.

We are in a battle for those two essential elements and, if we do not awake to the fragile nature of these essential qualities, we will again be in a battle for our very existence. As Sons and Daughters of these patriot ancestors we hold the legacy of our forefathers as a precious gift to share with our friends, neighbors and countrymen. Every time we stand in honor of these ancestors. . . .we bring these qualities to life and perpetuate the memory of their sacrifices. Outreach programs in our schools and communities create a visible statement of the impact of those who fought so that we might enjoy freedom that has a mighty impact around the world.

As we stand on the cusp of a new year. . . .we must focus on a future that defines greatness by the character and faith that once propelled this nation to become a beacon of freedom and honor.

Happy New Year, and may the Grace of God inspire our hearts!!!”

Permit me to echo Compatriot Colbert’s fine message, and express to you my sincere hope that you will not only renew your annual dues in support of our efforts to promote the principles of Liberty and Freedom, but you will consider among your New Year’s resolutions one of providing patriotic service in 2017, to the mission of the Utah Society Sons of the American Revolution.

Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Yours in Liberty,

Douglas McGregor
President, Utah Society
Sons of the American Revolution